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...School of Communication and media have been reeling in some notable achievements.
— msu on michelle martinez


Hit Me Up

 Cannes Court Métrage

 tNC Interview

Who knows? Maybe she’ll get nominated at next year’s Academy Awards!
— Abdelkader, ahlam for muslimgirl

Even if they don’t sympathize... I hope they get a view of the bigger picture and see what is wrong with the way teenage girls are treated
— Michelle on Hit Me Up for


Hamilton has a song called Yorktown, which features the lyric line ‘Immigrants, we get the job done,’ and your musical film puts an African-American Muslim woman in the spotlight.
— Abdelkader, Ahlam for MuslimGirl

I feel like a lot of people are suffering with an identity crisis, and how will they come forward and represent that in a way that is not necessarily offensive or inappropriate.
— Amatullah'Muhyi on Undefined for

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